Utilities’ investments are controlled through 5-8 year regulatory periods.

All utilities have their business plans approved by the independent regulators that are focused on ensuring that utility networks are resilient and sustainable.

The total outsourced utilities spend c. £10bn p.a. with service companies on delivery, maintenance and enhancement of assets and services.

Utilities Sectors MGS
Total Market Share
MGS Revenue Utilities explained Regulator Regulatory Period
Water Sector 20% £300m

Operating water and waste water infrastructure support to provision and distribution across the sector

OFWAT 2015-2020 / 2015-2021 (Scotlan
Gas Sector 20% £150m Operates in transmission and distribution of gas across the UK network OFGEM 2013-2021
Electricity 15% £130m Facilitating support of transmission and distribution of electricity across the UK OFGEM 2015-2023