Acquisitions are a key element of our Group's growth strategy.

To provide more services to our clients hence adding shareholder value we actively pursue opportunities that enhance our core business and evolve our product portfolio whilst maintaining our discipline and control.

  • To provide long-term services to essential infrastructure
  • To deliver reliable and stable revenue streams, margins and cash flow
  • To grow profitably both organically and through acquisitions that enable a broadening of the Group’s service offering
  • To maximise efficiencies by coordinating common functions, sharing best practice and implementing commercial and financial controls
Why M Group Services is seen as an acquirer of choice:
  • Proven ability to complete deals (13 in five years)
  • Able to move quickly
  • Understand the market and speak the industry language
  • Well funded with immediate access to financing
  • Group ability to support the acquired businesses growth plans and their success
  • Respect targets’ DNA
  • Ownership mentality with financial incentives for the key stakeholders involved in a transaction


What M Group Services are looking for in acquisitions

Operator of Essential Infrastructure Services

Non-discretionary and recurring nature of services, as well as high barriers to entry provide for resiliency of the business model

Long-term Established Client Relationships

Proven long-term relationship with their clients which provides resilience in their future revenue

UK & Ireland

Focussed in the UK and Ireland with potential for growth

Strong Management Teams & Cultural Fit

People and service delivery ethos are key in our industry. Management who can demonstrate alignment with our stated values around safety, service delivery, integrity and people

Broadens Group Capabilities

Acquisitions bring new skillsets and capabilities to the Group within existing or new markets

Growth Opportunity

Acquisitions need to have a clear and deliverable plan to scale up their business with the backing of the Group’s support functions, balance sheet and client relationships

Sound Business Fundamentals

M Group Services acquires successful profitable businesses that need support to grow organically

Value Creation

Any acquisition needs to come at a fair price