Dyer & Butler deliver specialist engineering services to the UK's transport network across the aviation, rail, highways and infrastructure sectors.

Dyer & Butler has developed long-term relationships with clients through multi-year framework agreements and standalone projects. Through delivery excellence and by remaining professional, collaborative and responsible at all times Dyer & Butler deliver what they promise for their clients and the travelling public.

Supporting the UK’s transport networks through mechanical, civil and electrical projects, Dyer & Butler can offer a range of design, maintenance and renewal projects to their clients in the aviation, rail, highways and infrastructure markets, keeping people moving safely across the nation.

Directly employing over 600 full time employees, based at strategically located regional offices, Dyer & Butler have a specialist workforce who deliver complex projects in safety critical environments, working safe by choice and not by chance.

  • Specialist service provider for  transport infrastructure including airports, underground and overground, rail and highways
  • Leading provider of infrastructure, maintenance and renewal services focussed in safety critical environments
  •  Dedicated mechanical and electrical capability specialising in delivering projects within airport, energy and rail, including Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

Core Capabilities


Aviation work encompasses a wide range of specialist services from civil, mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance and projects. With over three decades of experience working with and supporting Airport Operators, Dyer & Butler are unique in their ability to self-deliver work embracing specialist airport, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering skills.


Delivering rail enhancement and infrastructure projects across all rail routes, including overground and underground. Dyer & Butler have extensive experience in the rail market, from bridge replacements and strengthening, to station and building refurbishments, earthworks, drainage, platform extensions, signalling and electrical services.


Maintaining and managing local authority highway networks, creating communities where people want to live. Dyer & Butler make networks safer
by upgrading junctions, improving road capacity, delivering complex bridge installations and public realm enhancements.