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IWJS provides services to wastewater networks and assets from sewer cleaning and lining to CCTV asset inspection and assessment.

Working collaboratively with major water utilities, infrastructure, industry, government agencies and airports, IWJS keep water flowing freely across the UK, keeping the nation’s wastewater networks connected. From sewer cleansing and pipe rehabilitation services to CCTV investigation and surveys, IWJS provides a one-stop solution to clients.

To accompany our experienced operational teams, our support services management provides planning, scheduling and solutions to enable flexibility and agility during peak workflow and in reactive situations.

Core Capabilities

CCTV Pipeline & Asset Inspection

  • SONAR/Gyro investigation
  • Float-through and walk-through
  • Manhole surveys
  • 360 degree laser profiling using the Clever-scan laser manhole scanner
  • Remote working capability
  • Dye-testing
  • WINCAN-VX software providing accurate reporting and quotation
  • Mapped results on to CAD, O/S tile using in-house team


Connectivity & GPS Location 

  • Utility-mapping service to identify sub-service features
  • Radio detection and ground penetrating radar techniques
  • Locate and mark underground utilities including:

    • Metallic pipes
    • Power and communication cabling pipework
    • Non-metallic pipes such as concrete or clay sewers
    • Plastic gas or water mains

Sewage Treatment Works Asset Cleaning

  • Large digester tank cleans
  • Domestic septic tank cleans

 Health & Safety Training Courses

  • Confined Space and Breathing Apparatus
  • Working at Height
  • Water Utility Courses
  • Health & Safety Courses
  • Water Jetting Courses
  • Management Courses
  • Cskills Site Safety Plus
  • City & Guilds Assessment Awards
  • Custom Designed

High Risk & Rescue Team Capability

  • Fully trained in hazardous or confined spaces in wet wells and sewers 
  • Cranes – variety available
  • In-house rescue teams
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Trained for high-risk situations 

Screen & De-watering Services

  • Specialist screening, dewatering and waste treatment plant 
  • Design bespoke processing systems
  • 75%+ waste reduction

 Sewer Rehabilitation

  • UV, hot and cold cure drain and sewer lining
  • Drain and sewer patch repairs
  • Lateral cutting
  • Large pipework joint sealing
  • Water ingress repair solutions
  • Manhole repairs and protective coatings

No-Dig Rehabilitation

  • Relining from 100mm–1,600mm
  • Ambient, hot, UV or LED curing systems
  • Pillow packer system for restricted access
  • 45-degree bends
  • Robotic and slot cutting
  • Grouting

Jetting & Cleansing Services

  • De-silt, descale and root cut
  • Fleet ranging from two to eight wheelers, front and rear steer, both rigid and artic vehicles
  • Fleet under 85 decibels
  • Specialist jetting heads, chain, chisel, saw, bomb, warthog, sled, floor, underwater and back jet
  • Two jetting reels
  • 200 metres of jetting hose


Flood Clearance

  • Large fleet of high-powered tankers
  • AquaDams
  • Dam boards
  • Timber dams
  • Range of pumps 4”-6”

 Blockage Removal

  • Capable of working in all pipe sizes from 100mm+
  • Huge range of specialist jetting, grinding, cutting heads
  • Modern high-powered water jetting vehicles
  • Recycling units and jump jets

Specialist Services & Plant

  • Jetting for deep lifts, thick sludge’s or aggregates
  • Digester cleaning via DISAB/Muller units
  • Mobile dewatering screens
  • Rake screens
  • Bespoke tunnel cleaning
  • 360 degree laser profiling with clever scan services


  • Suction 200 CFM to 4000 CFM
  • Volume capacity from 5000 litre to 33,000 Litre
  • Wash down facility
  • Hydraulic rear tipping doors

A selection of our clients: