PMP has unrivalled expertise in providing bespoke engineering solutions in hazardous and challenging environments. With over 140 years of industry-related knowledge across the team, PMP is able to optimise engineering solutions for its clients.

Developing engineering skills around the needs of clients, PMP provide a combination of problem solving, fabrication, manufacture and installation services including bespoke engineering solutions. PMP have in-depth experience of working within the water, gas, power and process industries and hazardous spaces, with Engineers trained to the highest industry standards.

PMP ensure delivery in a safe manner, not only do they successfully carry out specialist engineering tasks in high risk environments but they also provide a dedicated rescue provision.

Having the flexibility of rope access and medical support on-site allows PMP to put together robust plans that will ensure the successful completion of any project.

  • Specialist engineering solutions preventing leakage from pipelines, eliminating environmental pollution risk and associated contamination
  • Methods of delivery ensure minimum impact to operational assets and third-party stakeholders
  •  Exclusive installer of the  AMEX-10®, a flexible, mechanical seal providing joint-repair solutions and permanent seal at the ends of Cured In Place Pipe Linings

Core Capabilities

Rope Access Work

PMP’s rope access services use IRATA climbing and abseiling techniques to provide cost effective access to inaccessible, impractical, difficult or costly areas. In excess of 8,000m of bagged and prepared rope available for use by our Rope Access Technicians. Rope Access Work provides a cost- effective, quick to set-up, minimal disruption solution to many site problems.

Specialist Engineering Solutions

AMEX-10® is a patented low-profile mechanical seal for internal repair of leaking pipeline joints and ensures the integrity of new pipelines. It is a cost-effective solution for leaking joints, radial cracks and isolated damage in pipelines, with full WRAS approval.

Confined Space Rescue

PMP’s Confined Space Rescue Teams provide safety cover for all engineering works including water treatment plants, bridge work, shafts and tunnels. PMP’s Rescue Teams can assist staff by ensuring they are properly equipped to safely enter confined spaces. Engineers, both PMP and clients, will be supported by an experienced rescue team providing the assistance, reassurance, recovery, first aid and treatment needed to ensure a safe outcome in the event of an incident.